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Whilst visiting the in-laws in Canberra, we were sitting at the Bent Spoke brewpub in Braddon. I was enjoying a pint of the “big nut” strong dark ale.

And I was asked about the beer that converted me from mainstream beer drinker to craft beer drinker (or as my father in law phrased it, a beer wanker).

I mumbled something about James Squire and Little Creatures, a few names that I thought he’d recognize.

But it got me thinking, what was my craft beer converter, or “epiphany beer”? ┬áThat lightbulb moment when you realized what the craft beer scene was all about.

I had tried many different craft beers, Matilda bay and the above mentioned JS and LC. But it was only when I joined the Adam Cusick inspired beer club in the mid-late 00s that I really got stuck into some real craft beer. And it was the very first beer club meeting when I tried the Kooinda Pale Ale. At the time, I thought the hops were massive and didn’t find it that easy to drink (i.e. I couldn’t imagine drinking a dozen over a session), I remember it being very different from anything I’d tried, and I remember it challenging my taste buds. But I also remember loving it and wanting more.

So what was your epiphany beer?