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Club & Mitch Steele: We’re Not Worthy IPA

“Steady as She Gose” Mandarin Gose

  • 4.2% ABV, 12 IBU
  • Hops: Amarillo, Mandarina Bavaria
  • Malts: Pilsner, Wheat, Acidulated Malt
  • Other: Mandarin, Murray River Salt

The Raconteurs’ debut album had an immediate hit with ‘Steady as She Goes’, coming in at #28 in Triple J’s Hottest 100 in 2006. Coincidently this is also the 28th beer we’ve brewed! How’s that for numerology?! This Gose (pronounced Gose-er if you want your mates to think you know your sh!t) has a healthy dose of mandarin and a sprinkling of salt to make this a refreshing hit for summer. 

Brewed at Burnley Brewing in Richmond (Vic).