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Club & Mitch Steele: We’re Not Worthy IPA

“I See Red” Red Ale

  • 6% ABV, 55 IBU
  • Hops: Brooklyn, Motueka,Galaxy, Citra, Denali
  • Malts: Amerian Ale, Vienna, Shepherd’s Delight, Aurora, Rye, Red Back
  • Other: Black Ginger

Choice Bros. hail from New Zealand’s capital of Wellington. They’re known for their innovative, experimental and balanced approach to beer design.

Their flagship beer, Reet Petite, is a trophy-wnning red ale in both Australia and New Zealand. That’s  red ale with a touch of thirst-quenching ginger.

We’ve introduced Galaxy and Denali hops to give this collaborative version a distinct Australian take. Have a taste – it’s Choice Bros!

Brewed at Rogue Wave in Airey’s Inlet (Vic).