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Club & Mitch Steele: We’re Not Worthy IPA

“Point Break” Wet Hop IPA

  • 6% ABV, 59 IBU
  • Hops: Southern Cross, Dr Rudi, CTZ, Chinook Flowers
  • Malts: Pale, Vienna, Rye, Oats

Two massive stars in their prime. Keanu Reeves as Johnny Utah, the broken down NFL quarterback come undercover FBI agent; Patrick Swayze as Bodhi, the sky diving, surfing, adrenaline junkie leader of the ex-presidents gang of bank robbers. Point Break was the ultimate 90″s surf movie.

This Rogue Wave collab takes us back to that decade as we pay homage to old school lPAs – healthy bitterness accompany piney, resinous hops with citrus notes. lt’s our homage to those who forged the way like Stone and Rogue.

Brewed at Rogue Wave in Airey’s Inlet (Vic).