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Club & Mitch Steele: We’re Not Worthy IPA

“Cemeteries of London” Porter

  • 5.7% ABV, 38 IBU
  • Hops: Fuggles
  • Malts: Pale, Brown, Black

We’ve always thought Spring is as good a time as any for a porter, so when Wignall in Canberra menitoned that they were keen on doing an 1835 porter inspired by Brakespears (UK) for our collab, we were all over it.

Both Club Brewing Co. and Wignall take interest in historical recipes, especially when there is reasonable record keeping from the time.

We’ve pared back the acohol a little for the season, but its still one to avour rather than quaff!

Brewed at Rogue Wave in Airey’s Inlet (Vic).