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If the recent renaissance of super hero movies has taught us anything, it is that people love origin stories. Whether it be what ultimately inspired Bruce Wayne to fight crime, or what drove the schism between Xavier and Magneto (to be honest, I’m still trying to get my head around the latest X-Men movie!), people love to know about humble beginnings. In this spirit, allow us to share our origin story with you.

 While the genesis of our story took place in a shed in the leafy suburb of East Geelong, our real origin spawned in the grittier inner Melbourne city suburb of Collingwood. Though to be honest, there is not a whole helluva lot that is rough about Craft & Co and their awesome set up. One of the first things we noticed upon entering the venue was the polished concrete floors, trendy cafe space and impressive options of cold cuts and the finest local cheeses. However, it was the glow being emitted from the brewhouse down the back of their set up that impressed us most.

 In keeping with the superhero theme, if Craft & Co was our Metropolis, then Mitch Steele would have to be Superman. We would be lying if we didn’t say there was a surreal feeling to picking up Mitch from his hotel and sharing a cab with him, let alone brewing a beer together! Indeed, one of the highlights of the day was a ‘debate’ around the amount of hops we should use in the dry hopping stage for this beer; allow me to paint the picture. Chris Thomas, Club Brewing Co Brewing Manager, was suggesting that perhaps we should pull back a bit in the amount of enigma hops we add into this IPA; Mitch had other ideas, suggesting (in true American fashion) that we either ‘go big or go home.’ With yours truly having the deciding vote on the matter, I can honestly say that I became Aquaman to Mitch’s Superman and opted that we go the ‘whole hog’ regarding the hopping of this villainous IPA!

 And so, Club Brewing Co. is born. While we certainly hope that we have the staying power and popularity of ‘Iron Man’ (rather than Ryan Reynold’s ‘Green Lantern’ – yikes!), we can’t wait to put our mettle to the test and hear from our members about our first beer. Either way, this tale has just begun.

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