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Mitch Steele is one of the most respected craft brewers in the world. Period.

His work with Stone Brewing Co. has revolutionised IPA and made Stone and IPA synonymous. He is as responsible as anyone for breathing new life into the style which continues to evolve and take the world by storm.

So when Mitch said that he would be keen to do a collaboration with us we were suitable pumped (in fact, he even thanked us for inviting him which was a little embarrassing for us!).

Together we designed a recipe for a 7% IPA  (18 EBC; 80 IBU) with plenty of US and Aus hops.
Then news filtered out that Mitch had left Stone and we were more than a little concerned that our dream of brewing with one of the world’s best might have been shattered.

But no, true to his word Mitch Steele is coming to Australia in October and he will be brewing with us. He sent confirmation of his flights just last week.

Whether it is under his new label, we are not yet sure. But it will be a collaboration with Mitch Steele physically involved and on site. And it will be one of his first beers post-Stone.

Oh yeah, and it will only be available to members of Club Brewing Co. and it will only be brewed once – so get on board.